Les militants de base du PSE sont invités à s’inscrire pour participer au Congrès du PSE 2018 à Lisbonne les 6 et 8 décembre 2018.
Il faudra tout d’abord s’enregistrer sur le Forum des militants de base (Activists) (nécessité de faire état de son adhésion à un Parti National membre du PSE) puis
possibilité de faire des propositions, d’indiquer ses priorités et de voter sur une liste de 6 thèmes quoi feront l’objet de résolutions au Congrès 2018.

Pour tout complément d’informations concernant :

. l’inscription :       

. les résolutions : Congrès 2018

As a PES Activist you have the possibility to attend the PES Congress 2018 as part of the PES Activists delegation! We will bring a big group of activists from all over Europe together to join us during the plenary, the workshops and the many attractive side events of the Congress.

The PES greatly values the attendance of activists and supports equal opportunities; therefore the PES will cover the costs of travel and arrange accommodation for a large number of PES Activists. Sadly, we cannot cover the costs of every participant. In case we are unable to cover your costs and you still want to come, you will also be welcome as part of the PES Activists Delegation.

In case you wish to apply for a place in the PES Activists delegation for the PES Congress 2018, please fill in the application form.
The first deadline for application is 11 October.
The second deadline for application is 25 October.


Note that places are limited. You will not be guaranteed your participation or that the PES will cover your costs unless you receive a confirmation in advance.

The PES Activists delegates eligible for cost and accommodation coverage will be selected following criteria of geographical representation and gender balance per country. Each application will be checked by the relevant member party.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

We hope to see you at the PES Congress in Lisbon!

Best regards,
The PES Activists Team